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Gia Huy Nguyen

Fullstack Developer | 3D Artist

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Greetings from the land of code and castles! 🏰✨ By day, I'm a full stack developer, threading together the intricate tapestry of web applications for a leading tech firm in Germany.

But when I'm off the grid, I embark on adventures across vast terrains, both in reality and through the pages of captivating books. A fervent traveler, I chase sunsets around the world, leaving traces of code and collecting memories. And while I can debate for hours about JavaScript frameworks, I'm equally passionate about defending the honor of House Stark. Because let's face it, the realm of Westeros and the digital domain aren't all that different; both are filled with unexpected twists and tales of passion.

If my life was a book, it would be a blend of romance, adventure, and a sprinkle of geeky humor—just like a "Game of Thrones" episode but with fewer dragons and more debug logs. 🐉📚💻

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Hey there! Meet 'zygos'. 🎉 Born during those weird Corona times, it started off as just a fun side project – you know, a hobby thing, but with some big dreams tucked away. So, I stumbled upon these free German legal resources on the internet, all in XML format. Think of 'gesetzbücher' (that's just fancy German for "law books") and such. My idea? Make this stuff easier to get for law students! A place where they can read legal texts without getting a headache, jot down some notes, and have it all saved nicely in the app. But hey, why stop there? I thought, let's add a touch of AI magic. So if someone describes their situation in the app, 'zygos' will be like, “Here's a law text that might help you out.” It’s a bit like what ChatGPT does nowadays. Speaking of which, when ChatGPT rolled onto the scene, I was like, “Man, I gotta keep 'zygos' fresh and not let it get too 'almodisch' (that's German for "old-fashioned").” So, all in all, 'zygos' is one of those projects close to my heart. A mix of law, tech, and a sprinkle of fun!

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Oh what's that? Why, it's a red radish! Oop, another one! In this playful and comedy animation, Rebecca, a young farmer, decided to plant radishes for the first time, but there is a big twist!


A heartwarming story about a little orphan girl who tries to find her way back home.

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